Who am I?

My name is Alberto Segovia and I'm just another travel addict who happens to love photography, too. This website is the outcome of the combination of both passions.

Born in Madrid, living in Munich, no strings attached whatsoever. Up for a journey to the end of the World, anytime: travelling has shown to be the best school, the best book, the best broadcaster. I enjoy every moment of my trips, I try to capture them, I upload the pictures to my galleries.

Don't Take Life Too Seriously, Nobody Gets Out Alive Anyway.

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Countries visited so far
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Dos mil dreams

When I was little, I used to spend hours studying maps, flags, and everything related to geography and travelling. I dreamt of visiting every country in the World. As I grew up, I became more and more interested in culture, global affairs, history, traditions, and kept dreaming of seeing the World with my own eyes. Time passed. I enjoyed learning languages, I got the chance to live abroad, and could afford travelling by myself, especially from the year 2000 on. Today, having lived in four different countries and visited eighty-seven, my dream has not only remained but increased. I live in a permament state of dissatisfaction, because the more I travel, the more curious I get, the more I discover, the more I want to explore. And the less I want to settle. I may suffer from some rare syndrome. I's an illness... that saves my life.

Where am I?

Disclaimer: I know my photos are not good, I never do post-processing and I'm not a pro. I always tell myself I should spend more time with photography, go out and shoot creatively, retouch the pics at home, make art out of it. But I'm weak and I keep saying yes to a beer with friends instead. Counting countries is just fun, nothing else. I'm aware it's just ridiculous to think that you actually visited a country when you just strolled one city for a few hours. This website is more a way to keep my photo albums safe from an earthquake, a fire or a nuclear attack to my place. And customizing it, or creating this About page, is entertaining. Somehow a geeky part inside me enjoys playing with HTML and CSS. Those guys at University did real damage to my brain.


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